Personalized Training & Special Needs

With experience in teaching both children and adults with special needs, we are committed to all our students and are used to working outside the box in order to achieve success.

In a New York Times article from December 2000, the author noted how martial arts can “help ease the symptoms of [ADHD]: impulsiveness, inability to concentrate and, in some cases, hyperactivity.” The article goes on to say that “the martial arts demand a kind of concentration that forces coordination of the attention centers in the brain…” and that the repetitive, structure nature of martial arts facilitate coordination.

For children and adults on on the autism spectrum, a 2010 research project led by the University of Wisconsin found that in learning martial arts, children became more socially assertive and cooperative. The study also found that the children demonstrated better balance and coordination; eye contact improved; and better plays skills developed.

Having seen these results firsthand at our dojo, we are more than happy to discuss any needs you or your child might have!